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Pre-K thru 12 Aviation and Aerospace Initiative

The Dee Howard Foundation (DHF) has announced the launch of the DHF initiative to introduce students in pre-K thru 12 in public and private schools in the San Antonio region to career opportunities in aviation and aerospace.

As with all of its initiatives, DHF will be working in collaboration with industry, governmental, other non-profits, and higher education partners. As part of this initiative, on 30 January 2015, Wayne Fagan, Chair of The Dee Howard Foundation visited KIPP: Camino Academy.

Today, there are 162 KIPP schools serving 58,000 students in 20 states and Washington, DC. KIPP schools are open to all students regardless of prior academic record, behavioral conduct, or socioeconomic background. Over 88 percent of KIPP students are from low-income communities, and 95 percent of KIPP students are African American or Latino.

To learn more about KIPP we invite you to visit

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“Aerospace engineering is an area of rapid growth and tremendous importance to both governmental and private industry sectors.”