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DHF Advisory Council

The DHF Advisory Councils are composed of representatives of the Aviation and Aerospace Pre-K thru 16+ STEAM educators and aviation and aerospace workforce development experts from the San Antonio Region, state wide, and nationally.

The role of the Councils is to facilitate dialogue between trainers and prospective employers and to advise DHF as to how it can add value to the communities it serves with its programming, curriculum development, and by collaborating with others to implement its mission statement.

  • Industry Members
    These individuals in the aerospace and aviation industry advise DHF and the members of the DHF Education Advisory Council as to the needs and requirements of the aerospace and aviation sectors, both locally and globally, and as to how DHF can best serve as a resource to those industry sectors.
  • Education Members
    In addition to providing DHF guidance on programming and curriculum development, each member of the DHF Education Advisory Council has its own curriculum and/or training programs. We invite you to check with the respective institutions and visit their websites listed below for further details.

Industry Advisory Council

Education Advisory Council

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