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HA Super Ventura

  • Howard-Aero-Super-Ventura-0001.jpg
    Marketing photo of Super Ventura.
  • Howard-Aero-Super-Ventura-0002.jpg
    Super Ventura on the Howard Aero ramp.
  • Howard-Aero-Super-Ventura-0003.jpg
    Dee (R) and Howard Aero pilot next to Super Ventura.
  • Howard-Aero-Super-Ventura-0004.jpg
  • Howard-Aero-Super-Ventura-0005.jpg
  • Howard-Aero-Super-Ventura-0006.jpg
  • Howard-Aero-Super-Ventura-0007.jpg
  • Howard-Aero-Super-Ventura-0008.jpg
  • Howard-Aero-Super-Ventura-0009.jpg
  • Howard-Aero-Super-Ventura-0010.jpg
  • _MG_2130.jpg
    Painting of Super Ventura.

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