The Dee Howard Legacy

Dee Howard Press Clippings

  1. Howard Aero Section of the San Antonio Light-Sunday, May 22, 1960;
  2. San Antonio Business Journal’s 25th Anniversary Issue Featuring the 2012 Legacy Leaders-p.8 reference to Dee Howard;
  3. Call Him Dee-Termined-Aviation Legend Dee Howard is still going full throttle San Antonio Express-News –Sunday, July 2,1 995-Section J, page 1;
  4. San Antonio Light-Tuesday, June 21,1983 - page 5C;
  5. San Antonio Express-News, Saturday, February 14,2009-Section B[Metro]page 1 “Innovations in Aviation Live On” by Travis E. Poling;
  6. Dee Howard-A Concours in the Garage-Car Collector ,April 1998,Page 29;
  7. Changes in the Air – San Antonio Express News, Sunday, May 7,1989, Page K-1;
  8. Dee Howard’s love affair with cars dates back to 1930s- San Antonio Express News, Sunday, Nov 24,1996,Page H-1;
  9. Steered in the right direction-Transport firms starting to buy Dee Howard’s latest device-San Antonio Express News, Thursday, Aug 12,1999, Page E-1;
  10. Dee Howard begins $7 million expansion of hangar facilities at International Airport-San Antonio Light-Saturday, Sept 3,1988, Page G1;
  11. Steering a new course at 75- San Antonio Express News, Friday, June 9,1995, Page E-1;
  12. Aviation pioneer sells firm-San Antonio Express News, Wednesday, June 12,1991, Page E-1;
  13. 1990 Top Ten Newsmakers-Aviation International News, January 1,1991;
  14. Dee Howard sells remaining stake in local aerospace firm-San Antonio Light, Thursday, June 13,1991, Page F-1;
  15. Respected Inventor and Legendary Figure in Aviation Still Going Strong-The Times Newspapers-Thursday, Aug.14,1997-“IN” San Antonio;
  16. Airplane Refiner-Dee Howard-Hors Ligne, No.18/Dec.1982, Page 15;
  17. Dee Howard Moves into Airline Market- Interavia, Vol.45,3/1990, Page 253;
  18. Innovations in aviation live on-San Antonio Express News, Saturday, February 14,2009, Page B-1;
  19. Plane with luxurious fittings leaves everyone in the air - Dallas Times Herald, Sunday, May 26,1985, Page 41;
  20. Dee Howard to add 500 jobs-San Antonio Express News, Wednesday, February 17,1988, Page E-1;
  21. Dee Howard deal will add jobs-San Antonio Light, Friday, April 1,1988, Page E-2;
  22. Huge Dee Howard contract-San Antonio Light, Friday, May 11,1990, Page C-1;
  23. Plane: A pleasant omen flies in from Oman-San Antonio Light, Sunday,January 20,1985, Page G-1;
  24. They’re Flying Right – San Antonio Light, Sunday, Sept 18,1983, Page K-1;
  25. Middle Easterner may be just middleman in deal for sheik jet – San Antonio Light, Wednesday, Sept 28, 1983, Page B-1;
  26. Italian firm to purchase 40% share in Dee Howard-San Antonio Express News, Thursday, March 31,1988, Page C-1;
  27. Aircraft refurbishing is big business in San Antonio-SA Express News, Sunday, March 20,1988, Page K-1;
  28. NBAA’s Tribute to Business Aviation 50th Anniversary Edition [Sept 1997]
    By Robert A. Searles with Robert B. Parks

Howard Precision Steer Wheel Control System (HPCSS) Press Clippings

  1. Steered in the Right Direction - San Antonio Express News, Thursday, August 12,1999 - Page 1E;
  2. Helping to Steer the Big Rigs - Popular Science - Sept. 1998, Page 29;
  3. Entrepreneur hopes to have Last Laugh with Steering Invention - Transport Topics (American Trucking Association, Inc) - Week of July 19, 1999;
  4. Fighting Fatigue - Heavy Duty Trucking, Sept. 1997;
  5. Fatigue Fighter - Commercial Carrier Journal-June 1999, Page 83;
  6. Steering by Design - Utility Fleet Management, Sept. 1999, Page 18;
  7. Automated Steer Correction Technology Research Supports Power Center Steering-Maintenance Manager, 3rd Quarter 1999, Page 22;
  8. Pioneer Bus Lines Gets Power Centering Systems - BUSLINE Magazine - July/August 1999, Page 114;
  9. Pioneer Bus Lines installs Howard Power Centering Systems on Prevost buses - Bus Business Journal - Sept 1999 (Link to website);
  10. Reducing Driver Fatigue and Improving Tire Wear with the Howard Power Center Steering System - Bus World, August/Sept 1999, Page 12;
  11. MCI Installs Howard Power Center Steering On All Viaggio Buses - BUSLINE, Sept/October 1999, Page 19;
  12. Power Steering-River City Products - The Private Coach Enthusiast - Vol. One, Issue Two, Page 19 [ Link to website ];
  13. Howard Power Steering Now Standard on Dina Viaggio – National Bus Trader, Nov. 1999,Page 8;
  14. MCI installs Howard Power Center Steering on all Dina Viaggio 1000 models - Bus Business Journal, Dec. 1999, Page 14 (Link to website);
  15. Howard Power Centering Steering - Motor Home, April 1997;
  16. Aviation legend Howard turns his attention to truck steering - San Antonio Express News, January 14, 2004, Page E 1;1
  17. Washington Post, Sun. July 3, 2005 Link to website
  18. Transporter Magazine, Oct. 1, 1997 Link to article
  19. HighBeam Research /, Nov. 1, 1997 Link to article
  20. USDOT Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Pilot Test of Fatigue Management Technologies Link to PDF
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