Company Origins at Dee Howard

Partial List of Companies whose origins can be traced to Dee Howard Companies, including Howard Aero, Inc., The Dee Howard Co. (DHC), Sherwood Products, River City Products Inc. dba Howard Precision Steer Wheel Control System (HPCSS).

These companies exist today because of the skills and abilities of their founders, but each founder had a Dee Howard connection in their early careers.

4M HR Logistics

AERIA Luxury Interiors

BHE & Associates

Cadena Group

Cappy Lawton

Cutshall Consulting, LLC

DRB Aviation Consultants, Inc.

Harold J. Wood/Aviart Group

J&B Ceramics

Jeff Bonner R&D/JBRND Luxury Aircraft Furnishings

Nayak Aviation (A division of Allied Aviation)

Precision Mold & Tool, Inc.

Sherwood Products, Inc.

Sky Center, Inc.

Skyway Group, Inc.

Sterling Aviation Partners, Inc.

TexTek Plastics, Inc.

The Zee Company

VT Aerospace, Inc. | ST Aerospace San Antonio, L.P.

W. Elisa Chan/UNITECH

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