• Dee-Howard-Honors-Nordam-NBAA-Scholarship-0001.jpg
    Poster honoring Dee and Etienne Fage at ceremony announcing Scholarship.
  • Dee-Howard-Honors-Nordam-NBAA-Scholarship-0002.jpg
    Ray Siegfried (founder of Nordam) announcing the Scholarship at an NBAA conference.
  • Dee-Howard-Honors-Nordam-NBAA-Scholarship-0003.jpg
    Ray Siegfried speaking to NBAA, Dee (front row left) and Etienne Fage(front row right).
  • Dee-Howard-Honors-Nordam-NBAA-Scholarship-0004.jpg
    Dee and Etienne Fage listening to comments by Ray Siegfried.
  • Dee-Howard-Honors-Nordam-NBAA-Scholarship-0005.jpg
    Dee at Nordam NBAA Scholarship announcement.
  • Dee-Howard-Honors-Nordam-NBAA-Scholarship-0006.jpg
    Dee thanking Nordam, NBAA and Etienne Fage.
  • Dee-Howard-Honors-Nordam-NBAA-Scholarship-0007.jpg
    Dee, Etienne Fage, Ray Siegfried (far right) and others.

Nordam NBAA Howard Fage Scholarship

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